Brick Work Reinstatement

Whatever brickwork repairs are needed to your building, you can be assured they’ll be in keeping with the existing property style. Through our colour matching service we’re able to make repairs that are barely visible and ensure your property remains protected from the elements and is structurally sound.

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Our highly qualified team ensure every project is completed to the highest standards – guaranteeing a professional finish every time.

Our Services Include

Brick Stitching

Our in-situ reinforcement of brickwork and masonry provides tress free structural reinforcement and repair. It provides a rapid, versatile, cost effective means of restoring structural integrity to buildings and structures where the masonry has cracked or failed and lost its load bearing capabilities as a result of ground movement, weathering or increased loads and stresses.

Colour Matching

Whether you need to match new to old, restore heritage facades, or beautify a renovation or addition, we will provide the solution. Often replacing or adding brick to an existing building in a renovation or addition is impossible to match. We ensure your project has a seamless colour match adding value to your building or renovation.

Movement Joints

Cracking due to thermal expansion and contraction of brickwork is a common problem in buildings originally constructed with no movement joints. Our team ensure every joint is neatly finished with waterproof polysulphide sealants and are often concealed behind downpipes to reduce the visual impact.

Stone Restoration

Our team are skilled in renewal and restoration of stone buildings. We use established techniques and skills to restore your homes exterior façade. We aim to deliver high quality stone restoration at the best price. We can repair or replace any type of stone work for your property.

Lime Mortar Repairs

Our team are skilled with repairs of lime mortar repairs maintaining your traditional property a look.

Render, plaster, paints.


Not all masonry is the same, requiring equally different approaches and techniques. We always source the appropriate materials for each repair, matching as close as is possible the colour, texture and age of bricks, whilst ensuring that any mortars, binders and aggregates used are in keeping with the building’s period and style.


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